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Casinodaddy Store

If you thought watching your favorite casino games played for real money couldn’t get any better, think again! All Casinodaddy fans and followers get rewarded for their loyalty in more ways than one. There are, of course, giveaways and various promotions, where you can win all sorts of random rewards, but there is also the Casinodaddy Store, where your loyalty and dedication are truly rewarded.

Inside the store, you can exchange the points accumulated by watching the streams for all sorts of valuable perks, ranging from free spins, over clothing and apparel, to goodies such as Play Stations, iPhones, and even cars! All of this and much more can be yours for doing nothing else but watching your favorite streamers do what they do best and having a great time.

Casinodaddy Store Points Explained

The online store was created with an idea of rewarding loyal fans for their following and support with some valuable gambling and non-gambling perks and items. Your money is no good here as the only currency the Casinoddady Store accepts are DaddyPoints. If you’re wondering how to get these, here’s the breakdown:

• Follow the Casinodaddy Twitch channel – 3 points

• Every 10 minutes of watching the live stream – 1 point

• 100 cheer bits – 20 points

• Subscribe to the channel – instant 300 points

So, even if you had no clue about the store but have been watching CasinoDaddy streams frequently, you might have accumulated a nice amount of DaddyPoints without even realizing it. There are no tricks here, it is simply a system put in place to reward loyal fans and, clearly, the most loyal ones get to reap the biggest rewards.

What Can I Purchase in the Casinodaddy Store?

The contents of the store change constantly as we work behind the scenes to get special deals with casinos and game providers to bring you some nice surprises you can spend your points on. Free spins on some of the most popular games like Book of Dead and Gemix are constant fixture but beyond that, anything goes.

Lately, we’ve been able to come up with some great deals to offer various gadgets and other cool stuff in the store. Some of these are quite pricey but they are well worth it spending your points on. After all, we enjoy rewarding our loyal followers with things like a new phone or brand new Xbox One and having one in your pocket or next to your TV set will certainly go a long way in helping us stay your favorite streaming team!

Redeeming Your DaddyPoints

There are two ways to go about purchasing stuff from Casinodaddy store. You can do it right here on the site by logging in with your Twitch credentials or by using the command string in the Twitch chat on our channel. The string for each item is listed in the description box so you can simply copy and paste it. Either way, you’ll place your order and can expect to receive your well-earned rewards in the shortest time possible!

So, if you needed another reason to regularly watch Casinodaddy streams, now you have one. Not only that you’ll get to enjoy every moment of it, sharing the excitement of big wins and crazy bonuses, but you’ll also accumulate points to spend in our store and treat yourself to something nice. That way, you also get to win when we play!